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Categories & Criteria

Outstanding Achievement:

Recognises a pupil who wholly values their education experience and grasps every opportunity to excel.
(Awarded at primary, secondary, special school and post 16 level separately)

Young Entrepreneur (Team or Individual):

Recognises a pupil or team who are trail blazers and introduce new ideas

Next Future Leader:

Recognises a pupil or team who demonstrate qualities of leadership to bring about positive impact on school culture and foster a healthy and positive environment

Cultural Achievement Award:

Recognises pupils who are talented or are inspired by the creative and sporting aspects of the school curriculum

Overcoming Adversity Award:

Recognises the achievements of a pupil who has conquered challenges and obstacles

Young Citizen of the Year:

Recognises individuals doing extraordinary things in the local community

Eco Champions Award:

Recognises environmentally aware individuals or teams and the projects or schemes they are involved in.

STEM Project of the Year:

Recognises schools that have developed a STEM based project during the academic year

Support Champion of the Year:

Recognises an individual within the school setting for their outstanding contribution in supporting pupils, students, teachers and the life of the school.

Teacher of the Year:

Recognises a teacher who is bringing learning to life by engaging and inspiring children and young people to their fulfil their potential.

School of the Year

Recognises a school that can show how they are an inspirational school for this academic year.

Diversity & Inclusion Award:

Recognises outstanding work within a school or organisation that promotes inclusion and supports diversity.


Please refer to the criteria of these awards when submitting a nomination.

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